Why you need to switch to vegetarian diet

September 19, 2010
By marqpdx

Why you need to switch to vegetarian diet?

There are lot of misconceptions that are concerned with the two dietary forms. Those who are non-vegetarian think that they could not receive the desired amount of nutrients and power from the Vegan food. Moreover, the Vegetarians think that their body is going to be harmed with the consumption of non-veg food. Actually, they are right to some extent. The answer to these questions simply lies with the ten percent law that we all might have studied in our junior classes. Ten percent law states that”Every organism transfers ten percent of the total energy to the next level”

This means a person who is consuming Vegan food is receiving ten percent of the total energy with the plant. On the other hand a non vegan, who is eating meat say goat, cow or any other animal is receiving the ten percent of the total energy. The point here is that the animal itself has received only ten percent energy from the plant and that was further reduced to ten percent. Higher you move in the food chain the energy is going to be reduced by ten percent at each level.

This was the one reason of being Vegan. There are several others as well. Consumption of meat increases the load over the body’s digestive system that has to digest harder tissues of the meat. More consumption of meat increases the level of fats in your body that results in to high cholesterol level and obesity. This would result in to other health related issues. Moreover, when you are consuming Vegan food you will also avoid a number of heart diseases.

When you are consuming Vegan food you will be saving a lot many animals from being slaughtered and thus would be contributing a bit for the betterment of our environment. Consumption of meat brings with it some toxins. When you have switched over to the Vegetarian food, you will be deducting these toxins and would be feeling healthier than before. And the non-vegan food items are more expensive than the Vegan stuff. Indeed this would save you a few bucks each day.

Vegan food is marked for longer life span. When you have turned yourself Vegetarian you would be living longer and healthier than the meat eaters. The variety that comes with the vegan food is simply unmatched. So if you are a vegan you can enjoy a greater variety and nutritious variety of food than a typical non vegan.

Therefore, if you are vegan you will be enjoying longer and healthier life span and will remain at an arms length from the diseases. You would also be contributing to the environment by stopping the animal slaughter. The energy that you would gain will be practically and scientifically more than that of a meat eater. To know more about the vegan habit benefits you can download our vegetarian secrets e-book that is available for free download. Form it you can have a detailed review of Vegan diet benefits. So for its free download you can visit us at: http://www.NewFreeGiftToday.com/optin/veg1


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