Why Do Skin Care Products Fail To Work At Times

September 19, 2010
By marqpdx

Why Do Skin Care Products Fail To Work At Times?

Have you ever bought a skin care product expecting it to deliver sensational results only to be disappointed when it failed to perform? Or worse, used a product that upset your skin even more?

Before blaming the skin care product, you should consider the various reasons why products fail to perform and deliver results. Here are some things you should know:

Your Skin Type Changes with Age

As we age, our skin grows old as well and the skin type begins to change. This is primarily because the collagen and elastin fibers, responsible for the smoothness and suppleness of skin, begin to deplete and leaves the skin saggy and dehydrated. The skin loses its ability to retain moisture and starts becoming drier. Your regular skin care products might stop performing after some time. This is the time you need to start using more moisturizing formulations.

Weather Conditions Influences the Effectiveness of Skin Care Products

As the weather changes, so should your skin care. And that is why you need to use different skin care products for the different seasons of the year. In the summer months, you need to use light oil-free formulations that serve to take care of the skin without making it too oily. Likewise, in winter months, it is better to switch to rich, creamier formulations that hydrate the skin sufficiently.

Product Residues can Harm the Skin

Even if you use a top quality cleanser packed with powerful ingredients, you need to rinse it off well if you want to save your skin from damage. If traces of skin care products are left behind on the skin, it can led to clogged pores, acne, and dull complexion which may eliminate any benefits that the product may have delivered. Therefore, make sure you rinse off your entire face thoroughly with several splashes of warm water. Also consider using a toner after cleansing your face to ensure that the cleanser particles have been removed completely.

Skin Care Products may contain Irritating Ingredients

Even though skin care products are packed with powerful and most effective ingredients, some of them may also contain certain irritating additives. This may pave way for certain skin problems including skin redness, irritation, and even allergies – especially for people with sensitive and acne prone skin. Therefore, make sure you read the ingredients list carefully before buying a skin care product. Apart from beneficial ingredients, also look out for ingredients that might cause harm to the skin.

Skin Care Products take time to Deliver Results

Whatever your skin concern, be it premature aging, acne, age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines, the damage has been caused over a period of time. Keep in mindthat the improvement process will take time too. Skin care products take time to deliver results. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t notice any immediate improvement; rather, keep using the skin care products diligently and give it ample time to show results.

Skin Care Products Perform only when they Penetrate

For any skin care product to be effective, it needs to penetrate into the skin. If you don’t exfoliate your skin regularly, dead skin cells will accumulate on the surface and form a barrier layer that prevents skincare products from being absorbed; as a result, skin care products fail to perform. Therefore, make sure you exfoliate once or twice a week to remove any dead skin cells that could be keeping your products from penetrating.

Naomi Andrews is a professional skin care expert and has worked as a lead esthetician in several spas and medical spas across Miami. She nurtures a special interest in studying about skin care products and their effectiveness and reviews several popular skin care cosmetics and acne skin care systems.


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