What is the Best Method to Prevent Pregnancy and AIDS

September 19, 2010
By marqpdx

What is the Best Method to Prevent Pregnancy and AIDS?

Many times due to unsafe sex, there is an increased chance of getting pregnant or having affected with HIV. In this article we will discuss the basic information about AIDS and the preventive method to avoid getting pregnant or being affected by HIV.

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is passed from one person to another in two ways �” by getting infected blood into your blood stream or by direct sexual contact. This virus is also transmitted from the mother to the unborn child in the womb or at birth or to a baby through the breast milk.

There are few things that everyone should know about HIV. You cannot catch the virus from toilet seats or from things like towel used by an AIDS patient. If you have AIDS, your body’s immune system breaks down and it cannot fight against infections. Doctors and experts think that most people with HIV eventually get HIV related symptoms or AIDS.

One should avoid unsafe sex with a person who is HIV positive. This would help the woman from being infected by the virus and also from getting pregnant. Now the question is that how would you know if you are pregnant or not? To find out whether you are pregnant or not, go to a doctor for pregnancy test. It is the best way to know whether you are pregnant or not.

Pregnancy test cannot be performed until 14 days after your last period was due. You are pregnant if the test comes positive. A negative result is not a clear signal and you need to wait another 4-5 days and then have yourself tested again to be absolutely sure.

Now we will discuss one of the commonly used methods to prevent pregnancy and transmission of HIV virus, which is condom. A condom is a thin rubber sheath which unrolls to fit over the erect penis of a man. It can be used during intercourse and helps prevent the woman from becoming pregnant and lowers the risk of sexually transmitted infection.

A condom must be put on before the penis touches vaginal area of the woman and it must be kept on until the penis is fully out of the vagina. It should only be used once. After it has been used, it should be wrapped in a paper and throw in dust bin. Condoms are safe, but they need to be used cautiously. A tear in the condom could be disastrous. Make sure no air gets trapped when the condom is rolled over the erect penis. It can be bought from a medical shop. It is also freely distributed at family planning centers.

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