Natural Dog Products Herbal Remedies For Common Types Of Ailments And Injuries

September 19, 2010
By marqpdx

Natural Dog Products-Herbal Remedies For Common Types Of Ailments And Injuries

Is your canine companion suffering from a particular ailment or disease? Did he injure a part of his body recently? Bringing him to the vet, of course, should be the most essential step towards his recovery. But when it comes to supplementing your pet’s healing process, it is better to go “all organic” and select natural dog products which serve as herbal remedies.

Here are 7 common ailments and injuries, as well as the herbal remedies best suited as cures.

1. Dog has been lethargic for days. This is often caused by parasites in his system. The easiest solution would be to feed your dog some garlic. Most parasites abhor the scent of garlic and they are sure to abandon your dog if such is introduced to his system.

2. Dog has been lethargic for weeks. Such a physical disposition may be caused by ailing kidneys and/or the presence of toxins in the blood stream. Some natural dog products contain herbal remedies for these situations. Such herbal remedies include Burdock, Dandelion and Licorice.

3. Dog is experiencing high fever caused by severe wounds or broken bones. Wounds and fractures heal through time. But to prevent further infection, natural dog product containing herbal remedies like Hawthorn and Yarrow. To relieve the dog of some pain, natural dog products containing the sedative herb called Valerian can likewise be resorted to.

4. Dog loses appetite. Loss of appetite can be attributed to a lot of possible reasons, some of them negligible, some of them grave. Don’t take your chances. His loss of appetite may be caused by stomach problems. Consider natural dog product with herbal remedies like slippery elm (to cure diarrhea if such is the problem), parsley (to help flush out parasites that may have penetrated the organs and the bloodstream), milk thistle (to induce disposal of waste product), and Licorice (to kill the parasites in his system).

5. Dog is pregnant. The walls of the uterine must be strengthened and optimal milk production must be ensured. Natural dog products containing raspberry are acknowledged herbal supplements for bitches approaching the period of labor.

6. Dog develops skin disease. There are only 2 main causes for this: allergy or parasite infestation. Allergies cannot be treated without pinpointing and isolating the trigger. As for parasite infestation, natural dog products that contain aloe vera and calendula are excellent herbal remedies to keep the dog’s coat and skin healthy.

7. Dog has motion sickness. It can be perilous for some dogs to be transported from place to place if they exhibit signs of vertigo. Natural dog products that contain ginger and valerian would be perfect for such pets.

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