Don’t let stress take control of your life

September 19, 2010
By marqpdx

Don’t let stress take control of your life

Stress is defined as the body’s reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response. Any situation or thought that generates a feeling of frustration, anger, nervousness or anxiety can lead to stress. In modern society, where people are always competing against each other and trying to achieve so much in their life, almost everybody is said to be suffering from some amount of stress. But stress is not always bad. Some amount of stress in life is actually necessary as it motivates you to perform better. However, you should never allow stress to grow beyond a point where it breaks you down. Therefore, the key to leading a happy life is learning to manage stress effectively. In case, you suffer from situations which are bound to be stressful such as a loss of a loved one, divorce or a loss of a job, you can enrol yourself for stress relief treatment and take control of your life.

Stress and illnesses

Stress is the root cause of many illnesses. Every year millions of people lose their life because of heart disease, strokes and various forms of cancers caused primarily because of stress. Besides, stress is the root cause of many stomach problems such as constipation or diarrhoea that can eventually lead to serious conditions such as ulcers. Headache and migraine can also be caused because of stress. Your skin may also get affected because of stress. Chronis stress is also known to weaken the immune system which makes you prone to frequent colds and upper respiratory infections. Stress can also cause depression and various types of anxiety disorders.

Stress management

Stress management is mainly the ability to take control of your emotions and reactions when situations, people and events make excessive demands. Your attitude towards a stressful situation plays an important role in successful stress management. Usually, people who have a negative attitude will report more stress than people with a positive attitude to life.

If you keep a record of situations that cause you stress, you’ll notice that a lot of stress in life can be avoided by simply altering the way you perceive that particular situation. The other effective way to reduce stress is through better time management. For instance, by making a habit of reaching a few minutes prior to the scheduled time can help you reduce a lot of stress in life. Taking a well-balanced diet at regular intervals and regular physical exercise can also help you calm down and thereby reduce the stress in your life.

Stress relief treatment

If you are reeling under the pressure of stress and find it tough to manage it on your own, it is time you take some stress relief treatment. You may try practising yoga and other forms of meditation to calm yourself. You can spend more time in pursuits such as music, painting, dancing, sports or anything that interests you. Most importantly, do not become a silent recluse. Find someone that supports you. Somebody in your family or your friends will be willing to help you come out of stress. If you are still unable to come out of stress, take help from a counsellor who can help you take control of your life and live positively.


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