Do Herbal Remedies and Supplements Work

September 19, 2010
By marqpdx

Do Herbal Remedies and Supplements Work?

Herbal remedies are very popular in the world today. Whether you are looking at a billboard, the internet or the television advertisements that come on in between your particular favorite shows on the tube, herbal remedies appear to be making a comeback. This is partially due to them being made to answer to tough scientific standards and therefore being vetted for personal use and partially because of a backlash by the marketplace against the designer drug culture that has been created by the pharmaceutical industries. While both of these are reasons that herbal remedies are starting to become more popular, they do not really make any direct commentary on whether herbal remedies work.

If you were to go by the testimonials you see online, you would probably draw the conclusion that herbal remedies are indeed very effective. If you were to broaden your search out from those testimonials however and just look at the non-partisan views that are generated by blogs and forums, chances are very good you would get very confused. There are people that swear by the herbal remedies that they believe have helped them and there are people that believe they have wasted their money on these very products. And this does seem to be a contradiction. After all, how can a product be very effective and completely ineffective at the same time?

Leaving aside potential issues such as companies stuffing forum posts with posts that are for their own product and against others, it still does make sense that some people would have good experiences with herbal remedies and some would not. Biology is a very person-specific thing in many ways and for that reason there is a lot we do not know about biology and that we probably can not know about it because of the person-specific nature of the discipline. For that reason, remedies are made to target the general market. Even non-herbal remedies such as normal pain killing pills experience the same person-specific fluctuations.

There are some people that use ibuprofen for their headaches and others that use aspirin. There are still others that use acetaminophen because they find the other two do not work for them. If there can be variation amongst something as basic as a headache medication, it is quite easy to see that more complicated problems can have more complicated variations.

Essentially, this is a complicated way of saying that it is very difficult to know whether a particular herbal remedy will work in your case. The only way you can truly find this out is to try it out. It may not be the answer you are looking for, but it is certainly the most honest one that can be given considering the current circumstances. Herbal remedies certainly can work, but the only way you will find out in a specific case is to give it a chance and see what happens.

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