Cure For Autism

September 19, 2010
By marqpdx

Cure For Autism

There are many methods and therapies that have been shown to improve the symptoms of autism. However, at this point in time there is no single method that has been medically proven that will cure autism.

Unfortunately there are many techniques that claim to cure autism and that claim to have medical proof. Possibly the worst are those that claim they have developed antidotes creating the belief that a single potion will cure autism.

The route for producing an actual cure must start with a concept. The concept is then tested and after a certain amount of medical research, there has to be a medical report or publication that is published for review by the medical community. Once the medical papers have been published the medical community support or reject the medical data presented.

After a certain degree of acceptance by the community and by an established medical society or institution, preferably a government organisation, can a cure actually be known as a cure.

False treatments and medicines that have been labelled as a cure are either not supported by any medical research or by recognised institutions.

Finding an autism cure is a minefield for parents because on the internet there are many websites and sales pages that try to convince people that they have a cure. The products or techniques that are offered may actually work, and they may even be supported by research but until the research is published and accepted – it’s not a proven cure.

The main reason for this is because medical research can be easily distorted and misrepresented to show numbers and figures that make it look like the research is an absolute certainty. This is why it has to be subject to, what are often called, medical pier reviews.

Other doctors and clinicians will weed out the speculative data and false research. This is basically what happened with one Doctor that claimed the MMR vaccine was a cause of autism. The medical research came under speculation and has been rejected by government medical bodies.

Although there is no known cure, there are many therapies that are shown and proven to help improve the symptoms such as music therapy or occupational therapy. These are non-intrusive therapies that seek to improve skills such as moto-neurological skills and improve the central nervous system.

These help autistic people gain more control over their sensory processing or body. However these help autistic people manage and overcome their autistic symptoms which may lead to what could be considered a cure, but they do not remove them as a cure would.

So don’t be fooled by claims and hype about cures and potions for autism and be cautious about spending money on techniques and therapies until you have a good idea what the therapy does and how it can help.

Ben Sidman is a Parent of an amazing autistic child and founder of – an informative and friendly web site for parents with autistic children.


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