Creatine Facts My “ah ha” moment

September 19, 2010
By marqpdx

Creatine Facts – My “ah ha” moment

“It’s like the turbo buttonin video games…

You’re getting tired and BAM,you bust out a couple more reps!”

What’s the point of “busting out a couple more reps?”….

It gets you bigger and stronger.

Creatine Facts: My “Ah Ha” moment

Creatine is not some supplement that is marketed based on hype. It’s not a fad in the fitness world that will be over in a few years. This is a supplement that has been studied for a long time and deserves all its fame.

The reason…. It works! All the creatine facts tell us this.

And that’s not coming from the supplement companies. Yes, there’s no doubt supplement companies say their products work, that’s half their job.

And I’m not saying they work based only on my personal experience. Thousands of testimonials and hundreds of scientific studies conclude the safety, and benefits of creatine.

The only thing wrong is that people use it without knowing what it really does. When you know what a supplement is actually doing, you appreciate it much more.

I personally jumped on the creatine bandwagon….

I started taking the product without knowing exactly what it was, or what it did. I didn’t read any creatine facts. I experienced the results and I continued to use the product. I think that’s pretty common for most people.

You know when you use something and don’t really know how it works? It happens a lot with health supplements. People buy products on a whim, without really knowing what they do.

It’s natural. You want the results fast. You don’t care what’s in it. Sometimes I’ll admit, it can be easier that way. The science behind a lot of things can really give you a headache. But sometimes it’s worth it.

It wasn’t not until my “Ah Ha” moment, that I really appreciated this supplement.

When you truly know what a supplement does, you benefit more from it because you maintain consistency. You understand the creatine facts and appreciate what it’s doing.

This helps you stay motivated.

So let’s get to it. See if you can have your creatine “Ah Ha” moment and understand why it works.

Creatine Facts: What does it do?

This is where it hit me….

Arnold Schwarzenegger said it best in the movie Pumping Iron.

“The only way to be a champion is by going through these forced reps and the torture and pain.”

“This area of pain divides a champion from someone who is not a champion. That’s what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they’ll go through the pain no matter what happens.”

I think we all know a bit about the pain he’s talking about. When you’re on that 12h or 13th rep, and you just can’t lift anymore. Lactic acid builds up in your muscles and you feel the burn.

Your muscles are fatigued…. You drop the weight….

What helps us push through those extra reps?

What can supply us with more energy?

Your energy comes from Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). So let’s say you’re working your biceps. You’re doing dumbbell curls. You start working and ATP kicks in to give you energy for the first couple reps.

You’re on the 9th rep and you can start to feel the burn. You can feel your muscles getting tight. Your biceps feel like they’re going to pop.

The forced reps are what really makes you grow. You need to break your muscles down and let your body rebuild, grow, and adapt. That’s one way you get stronger and build more muscle….

But you can’t. You have no ATP left to fuel a couple more reps. At the 10th rep the dumbbells fall to the floor…..

Well, if you’re supplementing with creatine, it’s a little different. Creatine works by building back the ATP in your muscles.

When your muscles are exhausted and all the ATP is gone, creatine loads it back up and gives you enough energy to get those last few reps. In turn you get stronger, and build more muscle.

In Arnold’s eyes you’re on your way to becoming a champion :)

There was my “Ah Ha” moment

When you feel the burn, your body just can’t make another contraction because there’s no energy or ATP left in the muscles.

It has all been used up. Creatine helps build ATP back up and allows you to work a bit harder.

You can picture it now. Think about doing some bicep curls. Flex your arm. Remember when you’re on the last rep and it starts to burn.

Creatine comes and pumps your muscles with more energy and allows you to blast out a few more contractions. That’s what gets you bigger and stronger. That’s what creatine does.

Creatine Facts: What is it?

Ok, so back to the basics.

Creatine is a chemical compound that is used to rebuild the muscles’ main energy source.

Creatine helps repair ATP. ATP is a molecule that gives your body energy. When it has been used up, it turns into ADP(adenosine-diphosphate).

Creatine attaches itself to ADP turning it back into ATP. This is the fastest way to restore your energy levels. When your body works hard and uses up energy, creatine re-fuels your muscles.

It’s like the turbo button in video games. You’re getting tired and bam, you bust out a couple more reps!

Creatine is found in red meat and fish. You would have to eat way too much meat to get anywhere near the amount of creatine you get from supplements.

Supplements provide you with extra creatine to enhance your workouts.

Creatine Facts: What research is out there?

Honestly there are too many studies out there. Their findings are all the same: Athletes all over the world are benefiting with creatine, and it’s a safe product.

Creatine Facts: What types of products?

Creatine has been put into so many different product forms it’s hard to keep attract of them all. Creatine facts and my own personal experience conclude that basic creatine monohydrate is simple and works great.

To be honest, you can get by with just plain white creatine monohydrate powder.

But marketing is a powerful thing.

In the bodybuilding world it does it’s job well.

You don’t need to take the creatine that Mr. Olympia takes, but if it makes you feel better then go right ahead. Sometimes it’s beneficial. It can give you more motivation.

It’s sort of like what you wear to the gym. You can wear an old t-shirt and sweat pants, or you can wear Nike shorts and Under Armour gear.

It doesn’t matter, right? Your muscles can’t tell the difference…….

That’s true, your muscles can’t, but your mind can.

I know that when I buy a new workout shirt, or new runners, I’m eager to hit the gym and use them.

Well it works with muscle enhancing supplements too. Those flashy creatine products, with their big advertisements and promotions by top bodybuilders can help you get pumped for a workout.

If that works for you then great!

And if it doesn’t, well tons of research and all the creatine facts have shown creatine monohydrate to be good enough.

Tyler Stokes


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