Could Your Dental Condition Be Causing Your Headaches

September 19, 2010
By marqpdx

Could Your Dental Condition Be Causing Your Headaches?

After years of debilitating headaches that drove Sharon from one doctor to another for relief, she decided on surgery as a final recourse. Only a week before her scheduled surgery date, she met Dr. Peter Pagano for what she thought would e a routine new patient dental visit.

Sharon did not know that Dr. Pagano had spent years relieving patients of headaches and in fact had traveled the United States and to Germany lecturing with a physical therapist on the whole body connection of the teeth, head, neck and jaw. When he recommended a simple treatment program as a last option before resorting to surgery, she was skeptical. With nothing to lose, she agreed. Only weeks later she was headache free for the first time that should could remember.

The same protocol that alleviated Sharon’s pain is the basis of Dr. Pagano’s approach to cosmetic dental treatment. “Many factors can cause the jaw joints to go out of balance. When this occurs head, neck and even back pain can result.” As a routine part of cosmetic and rehabilitative treatment, Dr. Pagano ensures this fine balance is corrected and maintained throughout the course of treatment. “In order for everything to look good and feel natural at the end of treatment, the teeth and jaw need fit together perfectly. Otherwise, the patient will not be comfortable with her cosmetic work, no matter how good it looks.”

“Dentistry is really engineering on a much smaller level,” explains Dr. Pagano. He believes that misalignment in the jaw joints must be corrected as part of comprehensive dental care. If is performed before correcting an imbalance, the result can be discomfort and pain. A few millimeters of imbalance in the way the teeth come together in chewing can stress the jaw joints, which in turn refer pain. That’s why his patients can even experience relief from lower back pain.

The protocol that became “Midlife Dentistry” was developed over thirty years by Dr. Pagano. Though not yet recognized by the American Dental Association, it’s comprehensive, whole-body approach addresses health issues not often recognized as the result of a deteriorating dental condition. Some of these include:* Waking up in the mornings with headaches* Headaches that develop midday* Lower back pain* Head, neck and jaw pain* Pain behind your eyes* Sounds in your ears

As you age, your teeth begin to wear down, like tread on tires. Your nose begins to get closer to your chin but is usually not perceptible until sufficient wear causes a collapsed look in the mouth area. Midlife dentistry often involves building the teeth back to their original height with crowns or replacing missing teeth with dental implants. This not only improves cosmetic appearance, but can decompress jaw joints that could be causing pain in the head or neck.Regardless of the desired cosmetic outcome, the doctor’s fist priority is always to maintain a natural chewing function for the patient. Your teeth have more influence on your central nervous system than any other part of your body. Consider that fifty percent of the sensory input to your brain comes from your teeth, as compared with twenty percent from your hands. When your teeth and jaw come together correctly, this input is not interfered with. Also consider that each tooth is energetically connected to an internal organ and you can see just how much your dental health can affect how you feel every day.

Dr. Peter J. Pagano has authored an upcoming book entitled: Ageless Smile: What You Need to Know About Midlife Dentistry (Foghorn Communications, LLC, January, 2009). His practice is based in St Louis, Missouri. Visit his site: Artistic Dentistry


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