Constipation Home Remedy Cayenne

September 19, 2010
By marqpdx

A Constipation Home Remedy – Cayenne

Cayenne is a constipation home remedy that is effective in producing peristalsis in your colon and aids digestion It can be used regularly at every meal and when needed for constipation Cayenne pepper is known to help thin the blood So, it is good for improving blood circulation

Cayenne is available in capsules of different strengths, from 5,000 heat units (HU) to 100,000 and even higher In addition, cayenne when used with other herbs helps to deliver these herbs more efficiently to where they are needed in the body

As a constipation home remedy, start with one capsule of 40,000 HU and always take it after you eat You will feel a hot or slight burning feeling in the upper stomach and that’s when you know its working The feeling is like when you get heartburn This burning sensation will pass as your body gets use to you using cayenne

Do not use cayenne seeds, as they can be toxic If you are pregnant or breast-feeding do not take cayenne supplements Use cayenne only as directed on its container and only as capsules

Cayenne has the ability to block the ulcer producing effect of NSAIDS It also has shown to increase the body’s absorption of theopylline, a drug used to treat asthma

In his book, Left for Dead, Dick Quinn tells how Cayenne pepper saved his life after coronary bypass surgery failed to restore it In this book, Shannon Quinn, say,

“One of the most effective stimulants, mostly, cayenne targets the digestive and the circulatory system Cayenne regulates blood pressure, strengthens the pulse, feeds the heart, lowers cholesterol, and thins the blood It cleanses the circulatory system, heals ulcers, stops hemorrhaging, speeds healing of wounds, rebuilds damaged tissue, eases congestion, aids digestion, regulates elimination, relieves arthritis and rheumatism, prevents the spread of infection and numbs pain”

Use the recommended dose shown on the bottle of cayenne you use

You can also add cayenne pepper into other foods Add cayenne to soups, salads, and other foods you like

In soups or salads break open a cayenne capsule and mix it in You can add 1 – 2 capsules, but first start with 1/4 or 1/2 capsule so you can get use to the hot taste

If you are pregnant, it is considered safe to use cayenne

Use this constipation home remedy and you will see results It definitely has the power to eliminate constipation and keep you regular and has many other benefits, especially for your heart

Rudy Silva has a degree in Physics and is a Natural Nutritionist He is the author of Constipation, Acne, Hemorrhoid, and Fatty Acid e-books He writes a newsletter called natural-remedies-thatworkcom and his information on other topics can be seen at http://wwwstop-constipationcom or at http://wwwconstipation-remediesfor–youinfo


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