Colon Cleansing And Fatigue

September 19, 2010
By marqpdx

Colon Cleansing And Fatigue

Alternative medicine is usually much better placed to treat fatigue successfully – and the colon is often involved.

First of all, the doctor should be consulted if you are fatigued – just to eliminate possible causes, the main medical reason being low thyroid function.

If this has been excluded along with any other causes the doctor may discover, then it is time to consider the commonest cause of fatigue found by alternative practitioners; an excess of toxins in the body. This type of fatigue is usually worse as the progresses. It is often indicated by dropping of on the sofa in the at 9pm or so.

Why Do Toxins Cause Tiredness?

Toxins are simply waste products from cell metabolism which, in excess, can clog up the tissues. They tend to settle where the tissues are weak. For example, if we have inherited a weakness in certain organs, or if we have weakened areas because of old injuries, it is harder for the body to ‘flush’ out these toxin deposits so they tend to accumulate in weak areas, and grow. In time, these toxin deposits start to reduce the body’s efficiency, and tiredness and fatigue are common results.

Another way to look at this is to imagine that you have inherited a slight weak liver, kidney and heart; imagine they are operating at 90 efficiency. In time, they get down to 70% – this might take many years. At this time the toxin load of the body as a whole will have increased markedly because of the reduced function of these organs and general tiredness and fatigue can easily set in. The doctor cannot diagnose anything because no specific illness is present.

The Answer To Fatigue

The answer to this common type of fatigue is DETOX thoroughly.The energy level will often start to improve within weeks, occasionally even sooner. With general tiredness and fatigue, detoxing works well more often that it doesn’t; but the good thing is that if by any chance it doesn’t work well for you, detoxing can only help anyway. (If it does not work for you, do see an alternative practitioner as soon as possible to help you to diagnose what is going on.)

How To DetoxThe most effective way to detox is first to undertake a colon cleansing programme of some sort. This can be done at home. It usually consists of a herbal formula to get the bowel working well; this is often the most important part of detox. The best known formula for this purpose is Dr Christopher’s cascara based formula. This also includes 6 or so other herbs, including barberry, ginger and cayenne pepper. This formula is so well known because it works brilliantly for most people.

When using this formula, the main aim for most people is to get to the point where you have as many bowel movements a day as meals eaten. If this is not happening for you – then when you do achieve this with the help of the herbal formula, there is a good chance that this will be the start of your improving energy.

Often combined with this formula in a complete ‘colon cleansing programme’ are:

  1. Some natural, lubricating fibre – often psyllium husks* Some ‘friendly’ bowel flora – essential for good bowel function.

Patients have often reported tiredness starting to lift within a week of starting this treatment; more commonly it is within a few weeks. The herbal formula is continued daily until your body can maintain 3 or so bowel movements a day by itself. For most people this takes about 6-9 months. If you have had long term constipation it may take longer.

Once again, if this does not work for you within 6 weeks, there is something going on apart from underlying toxin accumulation; consult with trusted alternative practitioners to help identify the cause for you.

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