Cold Laser Therapy Hope Arthritis

September 19, 2010
By marqpdx

Cold Laser Therapy: Hope for Arthritis

Having had the rare, first-hand opportunity to observe cold laser therapy treatment in action, I am impressed at its remarkable ability to help in healing with rheumatoid arthritis

As my dad suffers from various maladies, including having a heart defibrilator He was sceptical on whether he wanted to try cold laser therapy After a seemingly endless bout with ill health and failed conventional treatments, he simply didn’t believe anything could help him

I had mentioned cold laser therapy in the past, but being that my dad is retired military and on Tricare Prime medical insurance, he was first referred to a Rheumatologist who promptly prescribed Prednisone to my diabetic father

The Prednisone (a steroid) did more harm than good He gained a tremendous amount of water weight, which further exerted his already problematic heart and certainly did not help his renal issues either After just a few days of the prednisone treatment, his overall health was deteriorating rapidly He was just about ready to throw in the towel

Through research, I discovered a local, Chiropractic Physician who utilized cold laser therapy Without further adieu, I scheduled an appointment for my dad A bit apprehensive, and rightfully so, he was not as convinced as me about this so-called cold laser therapy

I explained to him that cold laser therapy is FDA-Approved, non-invasive, didn’t involve any needles and promised him that no harm would come to him I also elaborated on extensive, scientific research that proved its healing capabilities

“But what about Daddy’s defibrilator?” my mom asked Although, I had already questioned Dr Schafer about this, I had my mom give her a phone call herself and reiterate the same question The fact that my dad has a defibrilator had no baring, and the cold laser therapy would not interrupt its process

On his Saturday appointment, my dad’s hand and fingers were so swollen from the rheumatoid arthritis that his hand not only appeared broken, but it was so stiff that he could not move his fingers a single centimeter

Pulling up to Dr Schafer’s clinic, I told my father that I believed in this treatment and knew that even if it didn’t completely cure the arthritis, it would certainly help him

When we walked in the door, Dr Schafer was very personable and made it a point to introduce herself as ‘Virginia’ Not only this, she specifically greeted my dad by name without having to ask who he was This, of course, helped my dad to be a bit more relaxed in the quiet office

Dr Schafer called my dad into her office and had my mom and me accompany them to watch how the cold laser therapy worked Firstly, she reviewed my dad’s medical records and began to explain how cold laser therapy worked

Because the cold laser emits a low level of power output and its beam penetration is deep, it has been effectively proven to treat human tissue Individuals become swollen due to injury or other physiological disorders caused by excessive buildup of watery fluid in tissue spaces Initially, swollen tissue prevents movement of damaged tissue but concurrently causes central trauma pain and secondary pain from the swelling itself

By targeting the lymphatic system, cold laser therapy first preserves body fluid balance, and simultaneously improves reabsorption of edema through the infrared laser light Overall, cold laser therapy distinctly demonstrates a reduction in swelling and permits motion to return to the treated part

So, with that knowledge, Dr Schafer retrieved what looked like a Maglite flashlight While she placed the cold laser directly on my dad’s affected hand, she congenially told us about her research, about her background and even about her family Putting my dad even more at ease with her compassion, Dr Schafer shifted the cold laser to different areas of his hand for moments at a time

Before my own eyes, I could literally see the swelling begin to retreat I asked my dad if he felt anything With a slight smile, he said, “yes, it’s feeling better” Needless to say, Dr Schafer is a shining example of the hypocritic oath – “first, do no harm”

After my dad’s visit, there was a remarkable reduction in swelling Even Dr Schafer explained how she ‘is simply amazed herself every time she uses the cold laser’

Since then, he has had another visit And again, the results were incredible Now he is able to move his fingers – which he was unable to do prior to his visit to Dr Schafer Although rheumatoid arthritis is a tough cookie to crack, cold laser therapy works magnificently Its ability to have such a dramatic impact on healing, without conventional drugs, needles, or other un-natural stimulous makes the cold laser therapy not only an exciting, innovative therapy but a treatment that offers hope to so many

Would I recommend it? Definitely


Dr Virginia Schafer, one of South Carolina’s first chiropractors to acquire the Microlight cold laser, is a leading authority in research of Fibromyalgia and Rheumatology

If you need assitance finding a cold laser therapist, please feel free to contact Holistic Junction

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