Choose the Right Workout Program for Successful Weight Loss

September 19, 2010
By marqpdx

Choose the Right Workout Program for Successful Weight Loss

The main agenda of most of the people especially youngsters is to stay in shape. But most of the fitness conscious people end up with complications, because they are over exercising or doing it wrong.

Often ladies in their early 40s develop severe back pain within 2-3 months of joining gym. They have joined some weight loss program. First everything goes well. Gymming and doing cardiovascular exercises they often lose 4 kg or so in six weeks. But later they develop back trouble. When doctors treat such cases the patient herself comes out with the cause of her problem. The place used to be so crowded, there was no personal supervision. The routine was almost the same for everybody and very rigorous. But it was not structured; you just used whatever machine was available.

Another lady of similar age group came with another explanation. She was going through a slimming program for two years before realizing the harm it was doing her. “Everyone was doing her own number. Of the several machines available we would rush and occupy the one that was free. I developed lower back pain, so did a lot of women in my batch” she complained.

Orthopedic surgeons and fitness experts feel that the commonest problem with these people is not maintaining a graduated scale while starting an exercise. Mainly those in their 40s who start off suddenly without assessing how much they can take and those who get unaccustomed activities without warming up or stretching end up with problems. Knowing one’s capacity and understanding that not all exercises suit everybody is essential. Experienced fitness experts say, before any exercise, a fitness test has to be done. They should also work towards a goal instead of just exerting themselves and feeling exhausted test to ascertain the condition of the heart, muscular strength and endurance test, flexibility test, body composition to know the individual weight of fat and muscle mass in the body, before starting any routine. These tests decide what type of exercise and how much of it one should submit oneself to.

First a person must work on his lower body which is relatively stronger, before the upper body consisting of smaller muscles. So he needs to follow a sequence while using the machines. Overloading the muscles is harmful. Certain person who initially overworks and manages to lose weight get it all back as the routine becomes very tiresome and killing. Later they resort to a systemic routine in which there is no reduction in the weight, but inches are lost. For any physical activity to yield results it should be maintained throughout one’s life. This can be through an enjoyable activity like walking, jogging, swimming, stretching, etc.

Don’t stretch fitness too far. Don’t overdo or do things haphazardly. It can prove dangerous. The healthiest way to lose weight is to follow a workout program designed by an expert in fitness programs. Turbulence Training program is one of the highly recommended workout system for both men and women. With this revolutionary system, you can now lose fat while gaining muscle at the same time. To read the real unbiased review on “Turbulence Training Program”, see below:

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