Breathing problem in winter

September 19, 2010
By marqpdx

Breathing problem in winter

In some countries, during winter, the atmosphere gets so polluted that it brings a very serious condition. Especially in some cities or towns, the air contains much sulphur dioxide which can cause a fatal burning in the lungs, which is very bad for asthma patients. This time the heavy weather contains minute particles of matter in a huge amount, that is why some may have their asthma exaggerated and lung diseases may also increase comprehensively.

People who have asthma shouldn’t drink cold water or even cold drink, and if you need to go out for some work then never forget to take your muffler with you and asthma patients should never try to clean their house or if done that should be by wearing a mask.In this sort of conditions-specially in winter, one should, mostly asthma patients be very careful regarding some food like- shrimp, mutton, duck eggs, sweet pumpkin, brinjal, tomato, coconut etc. During the winter, the air inside the room possesses tiny ‘mite’ germs, so you should also be very careful about this and wash the bedding (pillows, sheets, and mattress) weekly in hot water along with your winter clothes before you use them.

So if you want pass a very enjoyable winter and have a good time specially asthma patients and persons with breathing problems, should be very careful and sensitive from the very beginning of the season. Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean this is your trouble time! Use the time sensibly, and you will be fit and healthy as usual.Chinese Sports MedicineDog Ear Cleaner


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