Breast Care Natural Remedies and Home Treatments

September 19, 2010
By marqpdx

Breast Care Natural Remedies and Home Treatments

Breast is the natural organ that is present in the upper ventral region of female’s body. They are vital because they secrete milk for the new born baby. It is very important and the sensitive part of the human body. It is not only important from the point of women’s beauty but being the most sensitive part it is to be taken care off very well. Just like the other body parts even this part of the body can catch diseases such as cancer etc. Breast cancer is the disease that is frequently seen in women now days.

Breast cancer is the most dangerous disease now days, more than half the population amongst women suffers from breast cancer. Thus all the body parts are likely to catch disease but certain sensitive body parts such as breast should be taken care of in the best manner as possible.

Thus breast care is for such purposes only to prevent breast from amputation. A healthy diet and regular exercise keeps the one healthy always. It’s always said that prevention is better than cure, thus we must take healthy food to prevent ourselves from such diseases.

Breast cancer can easily be detected, because generally when breast cancer occurs lumps can be seen on the upper body part. Breast cancer grows in clusters of cancerous cells. Some typical symptoms of breast cancer are lumps, pain in the nipple areas, and retraction in the nipple.

Breast cancer is extremely important because this can cause permanent loss of breast. There are several risk factors that are associated with breast cancer such as age, poor diet; smoking and drinking are all the risk factors that can cause cancer.

Hormonal changes can also result in breast cancer. Apart from age family history can also increase the risk of breast cancer. There are various home remedies for breast cancer.

Prepare a paste by mixing cod liver oil, vitamin E, ground bark of white oil, and garlic tempered oil. Apply the mixture on sore nipples.

Red raspberry tea is rich in antibiotics and helps to prevent cancer. Try taking more of green vegetables, cereals, tomatoes and roughage into your diet so as to prevent yourself from cancer. Keep checking on monthly basis that lumps or wrinkles do not appear over your breast. You can also get it checked at the near by gynecologist. Estrogen is very important female hormone that helps to prevent breast cancer. Mammograms increase the risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer does not necessarily result in death of the person but no doubt it is injurious to life.

The number of cases for breast cancer is increasing day by day and this is mainly seen in girls above the age group of twenty, women who have diabetes having high fatty diet, and to those women who have frequent exposure to x-rays. Thus necessary steps must be taken whenever symptoms of breast cancer are found, make sure that you consult the doctor as soon as possible.

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