Body Hair Removal Techniques

September 19, 2010

Body Hair Removal Techniques

And many women have adopted this attitude towards their body hair, because unwanted body hair are not only embarrassing, but also lower people’s self esteem.

Luckily, several options for body hair removal are available. Many women and some men usually resort to plucking, trimming or tweezing methods, but none of these yields total satisfaction. Other options like hair growth inhibitors, permanent electrolysis machines, hair removal creams, and permanent body hair removal, can also be used, but this will depend on the type of hair you wish to remove.

Those interested in proper body hair need to consult a professional for two reasons; either to carry out the treatment or to offer tips regarding the purchase of the materials you will need to perform the procedure yourself.

The objective of the body hair removal must also be put into consideration. Are you removing the hair temporarily so that you can look better in swim wears? or is it to permanently remove the unwanted hair on your face.

Body hair removal can be done in many ways. The traditional method of shaving is still very much in use, and it has the advantage of being easy, less expensive, and very fast. But its greatest limitation is the tendency of the hair to grow back rapidly. Products referred to as depilatories can also be used, and they remove unwanted hair by dissolving it through the use of chemicals. This method for body hair removal is equally fast, but you must ensure that your skin is not sensitive to the chemicals. Always seek the opinion of a professional before using this method.

Waxing is another body hair removal technique, and it is very popular and longer lasting than the previous two. the process of waxing pulls the hair out of their roots, which makes it difficult for the hair to grow back quickly in contrast to shaving. It is ideal to carry out waxing monthly.

The use of electric current, also called electrolysis is another method of removing hair that has been employed for a long time. Electrolysis as a body hair removal can be done in the home by anyone, but many prefer to undergo this treatment in a clinic that specialize in the process due to the longer time it takes to complete the process, especially if the hair to be removed is large.

The current trends are now laser treatments, and has the advantage of being very fast, painless and permanently removes hair after several sessions.

Regardless of the method you choose for your body hair removal, it is crucial to consult an expert especially if you are dealing with sensitive areas of the body where you cannot afford to make mistakes.

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