Bach Flower Remedies

September 19, 2010

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower remedies are 38 plant and flower based remedies which where created during the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach The remedies can address emotional and physical problems (although they are much more suited to emotionally based problems) They are highly potentised, can work effectively and quickly, and they can even be used on children and animals

The most famous Bach Flower remedy is Rescue Remedy which you can buy in most pharmacies Rescue remedy is a combination of five of the flower remedies which can be used for stressful and traumatic situations such as tension, impatience, fears, after accidents or arguments, shock, before surgery, and many other situations

Dr Bach recommends using the Flower Remedies for treating the root causes of your condition (the emotional and mental causes) While taking the flower remedy, you can consider taking natural therapies such as homoeopathy for the physical complaints Flower Remedies could also help in treating emotional side-effects of conventional allopathic drugs, for example depression or anxiety

A common way of grouping the remedies is by emotional group The seven emotional groups are: Fear, Uncertainty, Lack of Interest, Loneliness, Over-sensitivity, Despair or despondency, Over-concern for others The remedies themselves then help with different types of Fear, or different types of Uncertainty Conventional medicine has little to offer for emotional ills, and certainly not for mild conditions If the yoga class is stressing you out more than it should, and the chamomile tea doesn’t help, Bach Flower Remedies might be worth trying

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