Are You Suffering from Night Eating Syndrome

September 19, 2010

Are You Suffering from Night Eating Syndrome?

Night eating syndrome, also known as night eating disorder can affect people of all ages and sexes; however it affects young women more than men. People suffering from this sleep related eating disorder have experiences of recurrent eating episodes while asleep, without being aware that they are actually doing it. It is considered in medical term as a parasomnia.

People suffering from this disorder are not conscious during such episodes. The food consumed during the disorder periods are most likely to be high-fat, high-sugar food that people usually avoid when they are awake. This eating disorder might happen most of the time that it would show significant gain in your weight.

Midnight binges and nocturnal sleep related eating disorder all are variations of this syndrome. Many obese night eaters reported that they believed their tendency to snack at night preceded their weight gain. People with this disorder typically wake up between one and four times each night and snack on about 300 calories worth of food. They are sleep deprived as a result, or feel frustrated that they can’t control their cravings. They are typically conscious of their eating habits. In contrast, people with other types of night eating problem will snack while sleep walking and are often unaware of their behavior. Approximately 1.5% of the population has night eating syndrome but the condition has been found in up to 15% of the people who are obese. In non-obese night eaters this syndrome leads to weight gain and obesity after a while.

Americans have this bad habit of midnight binges. They get up all of a sudden in the night from their sleep, venture straight into the kitchen, open the fridge and start eating whatever is there in it: bread, cakes, fruits, cold drinks, soda, chicken, turkey, chips. After this midnight binge they are back to sleep. After sometime again they march to the kitchen and repeat the eating.

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