A brief comparison between Contact lens and Eyeglasses

September 19, 2010

A brief comparison between Contact lens and Eyeglasses

Contact lenses have replaced the traditional eyeglasses at a large extent. They differ a lot from the eyeglasses are provide many facilities that any spectacle cannot provide. These lenses are advantageous over eyeglasses on various aspects. But, there are also some disadvantages that a person has to face while using contact lenses. Here we are going to compare between contact lens and eyeglasses. Everyone knows what an eyeglass is and what its use are. But, there are also few people who do not know much about contact lenses.

Contact lens is a soft plastic plate placed in the cornea of human eye. It works same as that of an eyeglass, but is more advantageous than the traditional eyeglasses. Contact lenses are light-weight and weigh almost nothing, they are fully transparent. When a person wears a contact lens on the cornea region of the eye, it cannot be distinguished. Some contact lens manufacturing companies use tints of color on these lenses, so that they can be visible while cleaning. Since, a contact lens has direct contact with the cornea; there are certain possibilities of eye injury (if certain precautions are not taken). The eyeglasses are safer in such cases, but if a person faces any kind of accident, then also his eyes can get totally damaged by the broken glass pieces of the spectacle. The contact lenses are much better in such cases.

Contact lenses are light and people do not feeling anything while wearing them, whereas the traditional eyeglasses are heavy and often cause irritation on the ears. If a spectacle user has got high power in his eyes, then he has to wear spectacle with thick and heavy glasses on them, which is very uncomfortable. The contact lens in such case is advantageous over the specs. Lenses are light and do not differ in shape, size or weight whatever power a person has in his eyes.

It is often hard for the young kids to play around wearing thick glass specs. They often lose or break these specs while playing. Same problem is faced by the people who have to give a lot of physical labor at their job site. They cannot work freely wearing a large glass spectacle. But, if they use contact lenses no problems will occur. The kids can play freely and workers can work freely wearing a contact lens.

The only disadvantage that a contact lens has is that it has to be cleaned almost every day in a specific solution provided with the lens. A person has to take a lot of care to his pair of lenses. A little scratch on the lens can damage it forever. The contact lens should be cleaned very carefully, whereas the traditional large eye glasses do not need such attention and care. If you are going to buy a contact lens for yourself, always go for the well known lens manufacturers and also look for the companies who provide a good solution with the contact lenses.

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