5 reasons why you shouldn’t eat soy

September 19, 2010
By marqpdx

5 reasons why you shouldn’t eat soy

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to health and fitness. Many people are misinformed and therefore are not doing what is necessary to optimize their health and fitness. Many companies market their soy products to the general public as health products, but you will soon learn that soy is not the health food you think it is.

Many of our personal training and weight loss clients here at the Body Project think they are making healthy choices, however more times then we can count it is because of marketing hype of the company promoting the product they are using or the media.

Our weight loss clients many times are very toxic and most have thyroid and adrenal problems, so we do what we need to optimize their health first and a by-product of that is faster and more long term fat loss.

Why you shouldn’t eat soy.

Reason 1 – ToxicitySoy increases your toxic load. It is one of the most sprayed crops. Their high content of pesticides increases your ever-increasing toxic load. In addition, aluminum content skyrockets while processing. Many times when we do a hair tissue mineral analysis on someone we see some heavy metals.

Reason 2 �” Potential hypothyroidismSoy contains goitragens, which are compounds that lead to hypothyroidism. (Sluggish Thyroid) Want to struggle losing body fat? Have a sluggish thyroid.

Reason 3 �” Blocking mineral absorptionSoy has a high content of phytates, which are known to inhibit the absorption of both macro-minerals (i.e. calcium) and trace minerals (i.e. zinc). The good news is that meat consumption blocks phytates. If you are going to eat tofu, make sure to eat some meat during the same meal. Most of our clients are not eating enough good quality protein.

Reason 4 �” Link to Attention Deficit DisorderSoy based infant formulas are linked to ADD. They contain 80 times more manganese than breast milk. Too much manganese content is linked to neurotoxicity. We can find out what your manganese levels are through a hair test.

Reason 5 �” Increased cardiovascular loadHemaglutinin is found in soybeans. This compound is known to make red blood cells aggregate, (clump together) therefore increasing your cardiovascular load. Many of our clients that have gone through our live blood cell analysis have seen how bad their blood cells are clumping together because of their food intake and current lifestyle.

If you are not convinced, read Dr. Kaayla Daniel’s book, The Whole Soy Story. The information and research provided here will blow you away.

And if you want to really see what your health picture looks like, try our blood cell analysis or a hair test and see your true health picture.


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