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September 19, 2010
By marqpdx

3 ‘weeds’ You Should Start Cultivating

I am talking about blood cleansers, liver detox, skin problems, wound healers, hemorrhoid relief. Is it possible that herbs so common that they are considered weeds can have such properties? Yes, and the list is even longer! Read on how one persons weed can be your treasure.

Chickweed has a very close association to itching and rashes. Saponins in the Chickweed produce an anti-inflammatory action similar to cortisone. A simple oil of Chickweed is effective for itching, rashes, and eczema. The oil will also work great on cuts, bruises and wounds making this a great first aid herb. A second great use for this herb is as a blood cleanser. A strong tea can be taken 3 times a day for blood toxicity and even to use if you were poisoned! The last tip I have for chickweed is its ability to help in weight loss. The herb is good enough to eat and drink as a tea, and since its free of toxins it can be taken in abundantly. Chickweed has 3 properties to help in weight loss. This hero is diuretic, a mild laxative and has an expanding effect on the body – meaning you feel very full from ingesting it.

To my fellow Americans this next ‘weed’ may be one you dread to see, Dandelion. To many European and Asian places, this ‘weed’ is instead grown and harvest where it is taken as strong teas (sometimes as a coffee replacement with chicory). Dandelion is a powerful detox herb that has a special affinity for the liver. It is usually the main herb in a liver detox and has been used to fibroids, cirrhosis, hepatitis, and many more problems. Dandelion also is an herb known to break up lumps and tumors in the body, making it a perfect herb for Cancer help for both its anti-carcinogenic and liter detox properties. The Chinese use Dandelion or Pu Gong Ying also to treat anti-inflammatory conditions, boils, and sores as well. Dandelion also is a great diuretic and along with its cleansing properties makes a great herb to use for urinary tract infections as well. Lastly, Dandelion is full of vitamins and minerals. Taking in some strong Dandelion tea or another formula will also aid in getting those valuable minerals most of us are lacking.

The final ‘weed’ to be discussed here is Plantain, one of my favorites. Since I have a love of sports medicine and first aid in my herbal usage, Plantain gets a good amount of usage (I use the Chinese Che Qian Cao). Although Plantain has great uses in first aid, its main usage is for kidneys and the urinary bladder. Plantain is first and foremost and herb for urinary tact infections, kidney infections, edema, hepatitis. Plantain then would have a place in treating the stomach for diarrhea or constipation as well. This herb to many herbalist, including myself, has the power of drawing above all others. A poultice of Plantain can be left on for many hours or even days to draw out stinger, venom, splinters, and even shrapnel! Plantain externally is also great for healing wounds and stopping bleeding. A poultice can simple be applied to a wound for a quick heal, and it is a very soothing herb that can be felt immediately upon application.

My last statement I wanted to make is to show one other thing these herbs have in common other than being weeds. All three of these herbs happen to have an affinity in the treatment of hemorrhoids. They all are also commonly ingested and taste pretty good! A poultice on the piles and regular cups of tea of these three herbs can cure hemorrhoids faster than you can get into see a doctor. So next time your out on your lawn with your deadly weed picker, throw these weeds in a bag to bring inside and enjoy!

Sean is a Chinese and Western Herbalist and formulates for Dimmak Herbs. Visit Dimmak Herbs Herbal Supplements for more information and product related to this article. To keep up daily with herbal and health tips visit The Blog of Health and Herbs


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