What Causes Back Pain And Its Remedies

September 24, 2010
By marqpdx

The ageing population in America is usually more susceptible to back pain back pain and many approaches have been developed to treat the backaches. However, to treat backache, the first step is to know what causes back pain. There are several causes including various physical and emotional factors that can give arise to back problems. Back pain, if left untreated, can lead to a debilitating degree of physical discomfort.


Among numerous reasons for backache, some of the most common causes of backache are:

1. Strenuous physical exercises such as weight lifting
2. Wrong posture while sitting or standing
3. Sitting for prolonged hours in the same position
4. Stomach disorder
5. Pregnancy: Every pregnant woman goes through the backache suffering at some or the other point of time during the pregnancy period. This is especially so during the last few months of pregnancy.
6. Use of high heels: This causes strain in the back muscles, leading to severe pain
7. Open spine surgery can also give rise to FBSS (failed back spine surgery), which can lead to chronic ache in the back, arms or legs. Other causes include, spondylosis, herniated disc, sciatica, and spinal stenosis.

Types Have Back Pain Treatment

From medication to exercises, there are many types of treatment available for pain in the back. Majority of the Americans suffer from chronic backache because of which they remain absent from work for longer periods. This has also resulted in the advent of a large number of backache therapies. There are both long period therapies and short period therapies. For immediate relief, the latter is usually preferred. However, for eradicating backache problems from your life, one needs to follow long-term therapies. Whatever type of treatment you choose, you first need to know what causes back pain to you and eliminate or minimize that cause.

You can find relief from pain in the back with the help of physical exercises, yoga and acupuncture therapies. However, if the problem becomes unbearable, the only alternative would be to consult a doctor or chiropractor.

Apart from these, there are various other therapies and home treatments to minimize the pain. These include medications, exercises, physical therapy or electrical stimulation and surgeries. Surgeries involve spinal surgical procedures, which are also referred to as open procedures.These involve a longer recuperative time, larger incisions etc. Endoscopic surgical techniques make use of a larger view of the surgical passageway.

The Bonati procedure requires special mention here. In this procedure, the patient is able to communicate with the surgeons throughout the surgical operation. This is possible by the use of lower anesthesia and endoscopic surgery.

Therapy Through Yoga

Yoga helps to relieve stress from our lower back, spine, and muscles along the spine and neck. It encourages a positive view of life and helps us change the way we look i.e. our perception or the way we look at things. This goes a long way in easing our tension and helps through a series of exercises, meant to ease the muscle pain in our joints and back.

To find a suitable treatment for backache, you first need to find out what causes of back pain. Once back pain causes are identified, back pain treatment can be sought for.

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